Application of 3D Printers in Neurosurgery

Keywords: 3D printer, Neurosurgical education, Neurosurgery


Utilisation of 3D printers has increased in medicine as well as other fields thanks to developing technology. There are lots of opportunities to utilize them in the medical field. There are several steps consisting image acquisition to surface post processing in 3D printing. In neurosurgery, there are lots of topics which can utilize 3D printing technology. Education of young neurosurgeons, preoperative planning and preperation, orientation to intraoperative anatomy, surgeon-patient communication and better understanding of informed consent period, design and production of new surgical instruments are among them. Besides, there are some drawbacks like, long duration of printing process, possible costs and resolution and texture quality of acquired models waiting for possible solutions. 3D printing is a promising technology in medical field. It has a potential to revolutionize surgical treatment as becomes widespread and cheaper.  
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