Radiomics Utilization in Neuro-Oncology: Brief Review of the State-of-art

Keywords: radiomics, neurosurgery, oncology


Radiomics is nascent field that involves extracting quantitative features - radiomic features from medical images that corrolate with the properties of the concerned lesion, such as the heterogeneity, shape, volume, proteomic, demographic and histology that have personalizied clinical value in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Our article aims to explore and review the state-of-art Radiomics and texture analysing in neuro-oncology, address the challenges a provide a prospect for future studies.  
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M. Jameel, M. Jameel, and S. Şahin, “Radiomics Utilization in Neuro-Oncology: Brief Review of the State-of-art”, js, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 143-147, Dec. 2020.